My experience in Naples

Diaro di viaggio di Joanna Bober - Wrocław, Poland

I spend my first Erasmus programme on Naples. My choice was IUM Academy School. When I came here, everybody gave me a warm welcome. Despite the fact that I was alone in a strange city I could count on help from everyone. My coordinator took me under her wings and showed me that study can be pleasant. When I had any issues or problems, she and everybody else working here or studying helped me right away, so I was in good hands.

In Naples I saw many attractions and beautiful monuments. During exploring the city I could see the colourful buildings and the Port,   the Vesuvius Mountain and Castel Nuovo.

I also visited the Amalfi Coast and saw Sorrento what made me breathless.

In Sorrento other than the beautiful views could I see the most characteristic icon of this place – citrus trees. When I smell very intensive lemon and orange here I remember it now.

I tried good Italian food like famous pizza in Sorbillo Restaurant which has the Michelin star. There are always long queues but it is a place worth waiting for.

In this city there are a lot of religious people. You can see in every corner a church. Many of them are very beautiful inside. There is also a Basilica of San Francesco Di Paola.

I liked living in Italy, because life there is unhurried, happy and you feel that you have contact with everyone. People are kind to each other, smiling and very talkative. But in the evenings and at nights it is also loud – a lot is happening.

I have fond memories of this journey. I am happy that I have been able to learn new things about the culture and habits of Italy. I can tell for sure that this programme further opened my eyes to the world.

Joanna Bober - Wrocław, Poland