My Erasmus experience

Diaro di viaggio di María del Carmen González Prieto.

I am a 3rd years tudent of English Philology in Jaén and, honestly speaking, I had never considered Erasmus Student Mobility as part of my studying plan. I genuinely still don’t really know how I got involved in this amazing experience; I guess it was some sort of fate, and I feel so privileged to have grabbed this opportunity with both my hands!

It was only after receiving a confirmed place at Ium Academy School  and booking my tickets to Naples , that the nerves really kicked in. I suddenly realized that this would be one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever had to face. It was scary, yet exciting to think that I would be a foreign student for half a year, especially as it would also be my first time being away from my own country by myself.

I arrived in Naples on the 10th of September 2018. At the start I had to face a few difficulties, as I had to figure out how to communicate in a new, foreign language, and learn how to manage my own money.The first week was very hard and challenging because I had to look for an appartment for mystay. it was very hot, the days were long and I could not sleep because of the uncertainty of whether I would find a place to live.

When finally I found a downtown apartment near the university my perspectives changed completely, the university started and I really liked the educational system that IUM ACADEMY SCHOOL has ;It is small, but very organized, I felt verycomfortable with the teachers, the classmates, we were like a small family and everyone was very kind and understanding because sometimes it is not easy to deal eith the issues relating to Erasmus students with the difficulties, the language or just the class questions, but everything was better than I expected.

The initial weeksweredefinitelychallenging for me, however, I have learnedsomuch about myself and ithas alsohelped me to grow in somanydifferentways; I neverthought I wouldbe able to overcomethese challenges on myown. I amnow able to seeit as a learningcycle in my life, as well as an absolutelyfantastic challenge that I haveappreciated and lovedevery minute of.

Then, Suddenly, I was getting really involved in the atmosphere created by the Erasmus students and society,I have gone on some incredible trips, I have been to the islands that belong to Naples, I have also had the opportunity to travel to other cities in Italy such as Rome, or Venice, Bologna, Modena … it has been enriching.

In addition to traveling, I have had the opportunity to see the Neapolitan culture closely and meet the local people, their customs, their way of life, I have been surprised by many things such as the large number of altars, their beliefs, fashion style, even his way of driving (which is dangerous).

I guess I have to finally face it: it’s the end. First of all, I have to thank my parents for making this possible for me, with out their support I would never have been able to get through such an amazing experience! I also have to thank all my intercultural friends for making the semonths the best ones of my whole life. I had everything an Erasmus student could ever want: parties, traveling and a group of amazing friends. It was by far one of the best experiences I could ever have been a part of,and of course at the university both my university and the IUM ACADEMY SCHOOL.

I do not want to leave, but I’m sure I’ll be back. It is said that when you go to Naples you cry and when you leave you cry also. It is true !!!!

María del Carmen González Prieto.